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My goal as your trainer is to put the "personal" back in personal training. Building connections with my clients to motivate  and support  them is my method of assisting them to achieve  their fitness goals. 


Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gain

Pregnant & Postpartum Coaching 

Flexibility and Mobility 

Abdominal and Low Back Strengthening




No week is ever the same. I have learned a lot of different workouts which had helped my confidence in the gym. When the gym is busier and I’m not able to use the machines/free weight area, I am able to adapt and choose a different work out that hit the same muscles I was going to work out initially. 6 months ago I would have walked into a busy gym, went on the treadmill and leave. Now I can finish the work out I intended on doing because of Alyssa.
-Stephanie, CA

It was such a good workout. She taught me on the way and explained what each workout or set we were doing and what it was targeting. She pushed me in the right direction to know how to eat and what to eat to achieve my goals. 
-Caeley, CA

"The best trainer I had! First time I showed results! You put in the work and Shazam! so so happy to start your program again. I've been waiting for it!"

-Sue, UT

"Alyssa was our Personal Trainer for a couple of months back when we really needed to shed some pounds and look great for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. In addition to meeting our targeted weight, we were also left with a level of fitness like we’ve never had before. Alyssa was such a pleasure to work with. Her punctuality, demeanor, communication skills, thoughtfulness and attention to details way exceeded our expectations. My wife and I were so sad when Alyssa opted to take a break and commit her time to raising a family. I have absolutely no doubt that her return to doing what she loves best will be even better than before. Kudos Alyssa, you rock!"

-Sydney, CA

"Absolutely love working with Alyssa. She always has a positive attitude and her presence makes me want to work harder! Even with my at home workouts I always think 'make myself and Alyssa proud.' Alyssa has changed my mindset that food is fuel and that this is a long term lifestyle change and not an overnight process."
-Anne Marie, CA

I have loved working with Alyssa. She has completely given me my fitness confidence back, really perfected my form, and helped me enjoy being active and working out. Her ability to customizing work outs to gradually increase intensity gently so that I would not become self conscious or discouraged was imperative to my progress and ultimately my results as well. From 2 pregnancies in 2 consecutive years, gaining 70 pounds and being the weakest and most depressed I’ve ever been, Alyssa helped me gain strength and lose weight all while breastfeeding and managing my children. She has been my number one supporter in my postpartum journey of getting back to MYSELF. I cannot thank her enough.
-Taylor, AZ

"When your severely overweight the last thing you want to do is admit you need help. I spent countless times researching personal trainers only to quickly make another excuse as to why I don’t “need”one. Then out of chance I met Alyssa, and I’m forever grateful I did. She is one in a million. She can push me to do things I couldn’t even imagine myself doing. She’s personable and funny, and really knows how to tailor the work outs to fit my specific needs. It really is a incredible feeling to have a trainer who genuinely cares about her clients. She has changed my life, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and encourages me every step of the way. Thank you Alyssa for not only being my trainer, but now my friend for life!"

-Adena, CA

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